Banning plastic straws has been a topic of discussion in the national news in the last couple years.  Many people are embracing this idea while still too many think that their single straw contribution (strawtribution?) to the environment  doesn’t make a difference or that this is a passing fad!  This way of thinking is antiquated and is  changing.  The way people think about the future depends on what we do now.

You have all noticed… want one or not, most establishments will deliver your drink with a plastic straw in it or drop a pile of plastic straws on the table without even a second thought.  As a consumer with a large family, I see this far too often.  This is standard behavior for most establishments although it is not really their fault… This way of thinking is ingrained from years of people telling us that this is the norm.  You get a drink, you have to have a straw.  It is automatic! This needs to change. Peoples minds need to change. The way we do things needs to change.

There is a worldwide campaign growing to help alleviate the plastic waste in our oceans and waterways and it is gaining strength.  Change is happening but so many are used to the way things are. If we all do our part and realize that each single “strawtribution” is important to the long range goal of reducing and eliminating single use plastics.

We can use this momentum of banning the use of plastic straws to open the discussion about stopping the use of other unnecessary single use plastics.  By championing this cause, one seemingly insignificantly little straw at a time, the doors open to other causes like plastic bags, single use plastic silverware, water bottles, etc.

We have to do something to save our planet from … but first, start with a single straw… it makes all the difference.

For more information, Please visit the Surfrider foundations Rise Above Plastics Program or visit one of your local chapters and see how your restaurant or establishment can help.