Florida Keys Chapter


What is Smartfin?

The Smartfin is a paddle and longboard fin with sensors that measure important ocean properties that help researchers and coastal communities understand trends in ocean health. With the Smartfin, stand up paddle boarders and surfers become citizen scientists, turning wave sets into data sets simply while paddling their home waters.

Researchers and scientists have been scrambling to obtain baseline information about changing ocean chemistry for the past several years, but collecting data in a nearshore environment like the surf zone with high-energy dynamics is not easy.  This challenge didn’t deter a few scientists and engineers, however, who recently developed a new tool to further this critical area of research.  Their tool? The Smartfin.

At the heart of the Smartfin project is a mission to engage and educate communities about changes in ocean health and we need people to help us tell this story.

To learn more about Smartfin, check out smartfin.org.

Stay tuned for Smartfins coming to our Florida Keys Chapter in 2021.