Florida Keys Chapter

Blue Water Task Force

The Clean Water Initiate (CWI)

Surfrider’s Clean Water Initiative strives to protect water quality in local waterways and reduce pollution so it is safe to swim in, play in, and enjoy the ocean.  Learn more about the CWI here

The Blue Water Task Force (BWTF), which is part of the CWI, is the Surfrider Foundation’s volunteer water quality monitoring program. This program seeks to fill in data gaps in the state and local water monitoring programs by monitoring sites not covered and during times that are not tested by these programs. 

The Florida Healthy Beaches Program measures Enterococci are enteric bacteria that normally inhabit the intestinal tract of humans and animals. The presence of enteric bacteria can be an indication of fecal pollution, which may come from stormwater runoff, pets and wildlife, and human sewage. If they are present in high concentrations in recreational waters and are ingested while swimming or enter the skin through a cut or sore, they may cause human disease, infections or rashes. The BWTF program seeks to supplement this data to improve public’s knowledge of the safety of their beach water. 

NOTE: We are currently establishing our first lab and need volunteers! The lab will be housed at Reef Relief in the heart of old town Key West. For more information or to volunteer, send us an email at info@floridakeys.surfrider.org